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  FINE ART:  Painting,  Graphics
  GRAPHIC DESIGN:  Illustration
  Teresa Mae Brown

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Art has beckoned my attention all my life. I am at a place where I can now devote the rest of my life to art for “my” sake. I love to capture the essence of a feeling and moment in my work. Illustration is a wonderful playland full of opportunities to portray life in progress. There are so many wonderful techniques to choose from as an illustrator. My present work is in watercolors and carbothello drawings. Watercolor is an entity unto itself. The artist must realize that control belongs to the pigments and the water. The metaphor is very much like life in the more you let go the more you receive. Life drawing and portraiture is exciting and fascinating. To transcend the human barrier and touch beneath the skin of a model’s personality is thrilling. Defining that model’s moment in time of thought is purely the artist’s interpretation. The same can be said when discovering a special place, flower, or act drenched in just the right sunlight or shadow to define a feeling that interprets the emotions of the heart. My artwork is very personal and precious to me. It is my hope that you will feel your own story when viewing my work.  Enjoy!

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