Kate Gretasair

Native Californian Kate Gretasair has been living and painting in San Francisco for over 45 years.  During that time she has experimented in many art forms from Computer Art to Arts and Crafts, but she has always returned to her first love, Oil Painting.  Although she has taken a number of art classes over the years, she has never taken a painting class and considers herself basically self-taught in that medium.  Many of her works have been inspired by her extensive travels to East Africa, Canada and the American Southwest.  “We travel a bit and I’m always inspired by the landscapes, the people and the culture.”  She’s a crusty old bird who refuses to be boxed in, painting a variety of different subject matter in varying styles.  Her palette ranges from soft soothing earth tones to vivid brilliant color and contrast.  While some of her work is quite whimsical, her landscapes are vast and bring to mind those moments of surreal solitude. Her  series, “Vintage Toys”, appear to be lit with ancient kerosene lanterns and invokes a time of peaceful pleasures gone by. Always looking for new challenges her work "18 Street” doesn't disappoint. A serene blue sky dappled with fog gives way to the picturesque victorians and small shops that line this lazy San Francisco street.  The woman sitting in the doorway on the right is an homage to 17th century Dutch painter J. Vermeer.  This painting inspired her series of San Francisco Victorians.  During a hiatus from painting she created “Box Heads: For Giggles Only”, multi-media works intended to charm. Her work hangs in homes from Oregon to Florida, and from France to New Zealand.  Here's a sampling of her work.

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