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Blue sky is tainted

Dominique Bayart

Painting, Graphics, Printmaking, Mixed Media

Since 1997 Dominique Bayart has devoted full time to monotype printing and painting. Her strong understanding of colors was developed during her years of experience in screen printing. Her sense of architectural compositions comes from a thorough study of form and function which she learned in furniture design.
Glass Falls

Lorraine Capparell

Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture, Mixed Media

"I make art to pay tribute to the spirit within. I use the body, born of Earth, as the connector to higher consciousness. Form is emptiness; emptiness is form."


Dominique Caron

Painting, Mixed Media

Dominique Caron is an artist whose variety of creative expression reflects her wide cultural interests. She has lived and worked in Europe, Africa and the US.

Klara Chavarria


An internationally collected and acclaimed artist and designer, with over 25 years of career & hundreds of collections, recognized for her philosophical and spiritual concepts which incorporate figurative and abstract elements transcending into creating a unique, innovative and emotionally filled body of work.

Filoli Olives

Maeve Croghan


Maeve has received much recognition for her vibrant & colorful nature paintings.  Recently her paintings were chosen for exhibits at the Matsumoto Museum in Matsumoto, Japan, and for the Museum of the Living Artist in San Diego, Ca. Her paintings are published in numerous juried art publications.
Fun with Blocks

Russell Eng

Painting, Graphics, Mixed Media, Fiber Art

Welcome to our website. Please take some time to browse through our art and design work. We hope you will find something that might be the perfect addition to your home or a unique gift for a friend or relative.

Window of Francoise Morice

Virginia Garcia


I bought my first Nikon in 1980, took it to Mexico and Paris and my career as a photographer was  born. Giselle Freund influences my still lifes.  Cartier-Bresson reinforces spontaneity.
Persephone's Reunion

Jane Lidz

Painting, Sculpture, Mixed Media, New Media

I work primarily with acrylic paints and mediums. Due to the textural, colorful reflective surfaces the perception of the paintings changes with the angle of view and color of light.

Wall of Shamans

Carolyn WarmSun


This journey has been a long and interesting one, and I am grateful to now be on this art path. Since my work is very internal, done alone in my Studio, a conversation with you is a welcome touch base with the world!
The Tyger #2

TheArthur Wright

Painting, Mixed Media, New Media, Illustration, Typography

I was born in Little Rock Arkansas in 1940. When 3 we moved to Seattle. After discharge from the Air Force I attended Central Washington State College before moving to the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Area in October 1964.

Remake / Small Blue

Elena Zolotnitsky


Elena Zolotnitsky was born in Moscow Russia in 1961. She graduated from Moscow Cinema Academy in 1987 with Masters Degree in Fine Art and the Art of Animation. She immigrated to the USA in 1991, and has been residing in the East Bay, California since 1999.

We wish all of you happiness and success!
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